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Carlo Mirabasso

Cubist Paintings

Un Risveglio - cm 100 x 100
Relax - cm 100 x 100
International Art Centre - Auckland

Patterson Parkin | Carlo Mirabasso | James Watkins | Timon Maxey | Brian Dahlberg
In many ways the cubist legacy of Cezanne, Picasso and Braque, so radical in its day, presents a perfect artistic prism for our times. Within the picture plane subjects are portrayed from multiple viewpoints, frequently reduced to fragmented cubes and shards of colour, endowed with an over-all sense of unity through the skill of the artist. Cubism has never been for the faint-hearted but it vibes well with the energy and awareness of the 21st century art aficionado.
Leading New Zealand artists Brian Dahlberg, Patterson Parkin, Timon Maxey and James Watkins are joined by Italy's Carlo Mirabasso in this annual creative tour-de-force. Cubism VI presents a collection of stylish, contemporary modern day masterpieces.

Frances Davies - Director

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